Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Regarding re-carding

Call me old fashioned, but I've always found the whole concept of regifting a bit, well...rude. Re-carding, however, is another matter entirely...A relative of mine has a birthday coming up so I wanted to send them a card today. Usually I would make a card myself...but as this particular relative is a professional artist I feel a bit self conscious sending them my own crap pseudo-artwork! Given my commitment to not purchase things like new cards, this posed a bit of a dilemma, until I rummaged around and came across a 'merrygoround' card given to me by a friend recently. These really are such a great concept - the area of the card where you write your message is fitted with a replacable slip of (recycled) paper, so that the card can be reused by removing the slip with the original message and replacing with a fresh slip of (provided) paper for your own message. Neat, huh? Some quick cutting and pasting enabled me to reuse the envelope, too. See the link to merrygoround cards below.

On a different note, in a previous post I lamented that my pledge restricted me from going out and purchasing my newly discovered 'funeral music' (ie some music I heard that I liked so much I wanted it played at my funeral). For the record, this was 'Solveig's Song' - from Peer Gynt (Grieg). Well today at the local library I was browsing through some old stock they were selling off and what did I find? A recording of Peer Gynt - for $1! (And only marginally scratched too).

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