Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Junk Mail Funk Continues

OK, so this is getting ridiculous - in my letterbox today there were not one, not two, nay not three or four, but....EIGHT advertising catalogues! And because I was in a rush to get inside and therefore couldn't automatically deposit them in the recycling bin (conveniently just next to the letterbox) like I usually do, I had to bring them inside, and then I found myself READING THEM. I couldn't help it - hats off to the designers of those things, they draw you in. Its interesting how when the temptation is there, right in front of me, how much I suddenly 'need'. Just goes to show - if you don't want to buy things, don't go shopping. I really must go and get another No Junk Mail sticker!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

In A Junk Mail Funk

According to The Weekend Australian Magazine today, the average Australian adult receives 16 junk mail items per week. Eeek - what a waste of paper! And I'd like to take a bit of a straw poll - do ANY of us actually read those endless supermarket catalogues? I have had a long term battle of wills with my local junk mail letter box filler people - an endless stream of stickers applied to my letterbox expressing my desire not to receive junk mail in varying degrees of fawning politeness seem to be steadily ignored and then, mysteriously, removed. When the unwanted advertising catalogues do inevitably end up in my letterbox, they don't even make it through the front door, let alone get read. If anyone has more success than me getting their "No Junk Mail" sticker to be noticed - whats your secret?!