Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I got the guts to plant a garden....

Remember those straggly little 'Tomato Boobas'? Look at them now!

The last few nights The Booba has gone down to sleep with minimal protest (only to awake at midnight and howl for an hour or two, but that another story!). Anyway, this has left me with a little window of daylight to myself that I've been spending in the garden. Its turned into my favourite time of the day.

We live in a little complex of 'villas' (this word brings to mind visions of something whitewashed and Mediterranean....so far from the truth!). There is a strip of garden bed that runs along the driveway - kind of communal but really the bit opposite each property is the responsibility of that house. Our landlords are meant to look after our bit but ever since we've been here its been a fairly uninspiring, largely vacant patch of sand. A couple of weeks ago a tomato plant sprung up there - thanks to our Italian neighbour's tomatoes which last summer hung over the fence at this spot. This inspired me to try and grow other things there. Being a bit of a goody-two-shoes I was a bit nervous about it, but buoyed on by The B.H. who insists that noone will care, I've embarked on a bit of psuedo guerilla gardening. After working in some manure and other bits and pieces to try and make the sand a bit more palatable to plants, I've installed some capsicum and chilli seedlings alongside the tomato. Now I just have to remember to water them!

I'm still awaiting my parents' verdict about converting their front lawn into a vegie patch. I came across another fantastic frontyard edible garden the other day which renewed my enthusiasm. Couldn't see a lot without actually scaling the front fence (as it was I was probably pushing the bounds of etiquette!) but I made out a great swathe of silverbeet, beans and what looked like a persimmon tree.

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  1. Awesome stuff. My dad has just started delivering zucchini the size of footballs to us. I wish we had some space...