Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomato Boobas

This evening I planted out ten of the tomato seedlings that I have lovingly reared from seed (see photo). My instructions as per Peter Cundall's advice (in the wonderful Organic Gardener Magazine) were to stress out the seedlings prior to planting them out in order to encourage early flowering and therefore more fruit. Well, may have overdone the stressing out and am now a bit concerned they might just all cark it! Hmm, fingers crossed.
Have had it pointed out by my good friend M, herself a published author, that the pledge not to buy new things is a little unfair to local artists, authors etc who would otherwise benefit from my purchase of their work. Point taken. Let it be known that if I am in the mood to buy a painting or such, I will not be stopped by pledge (but probably will be by lack of funds!).

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