Friday, November 6, 2009

The Beginning

Well, here is the very first entry on my very first blog. Yes, I must confess to being a complete blog-virgin, so please bear in mind that I really have completely no idea what I am doing and to a large extent will be making it up as I go along! But there is a purpose to all this....
First of all:
Roughly eight months ago I was catapulted from the life of a busy, full-time working 'Professional' to that of full time at home mother to a beautiful baby boy, hereafter The Booba. Whilst I adore The Booba beyond words and continue to feel very committed to caring for him myself full time right now rather than paying someone else to do it, to say that this whole lifestyle shift has been a bit of an adjustment would be quite a remarkable understatement! I guess to say that having a child has changed your life a lot is hardly an earthshatteringly original revelation....but when you're living it, its pretty profound. One of the aspects of being at home full time with a baby that I have struggled with in particular is feeling a bit like, as far as the 'outside world' is concerned, I have kind of ceased to exist...Perhaps I am just missing the ego massage of my old job and this is all just a bit self indulgent (and indeed the Beloved Husband has suggested that blogging is a form of "vanity publication"...ouch) but I see this blog as my little 'yoo-hoo' to the big wide world when my immediate world is feeling a little shrinkwrapped.
Second of all:
One of the many positive aspects of being at home with The Booba is that I've had the opportunity to pay much closer attention to the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. There is nothing like having to look a member of the next generation in the face all day to make you think twice about taking the slack, naughty option in matters of making your Carbon Footprint. To a certain degree this has been a case of making a virtue out of necessity - in most cases it seems to be a lot less expensive to live in a more environmentally sound manner, and I don't have an income anymore. The upshot of all this is that I have decided to make a Pledge: I will not buy anything new for the next year. .
As The Beloved Husband has pointed out, I've made commitments like these before and they've fizzled pretty quickly (yes, I can be a little impetuous).....thus the blog. This time, you're all going to keep me honest .... and hopefully even give me a few tips along the way. And I know that this notion is not really all that original or 'out there' in the scheme of things (its no "Little Brown Dress" every day for a year, thats for sure! - check the link below)...but thats not really the point for me. The point is to try and tread a little more lightly on the Earth, and hopefully learn some new things along the way.

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